We have the facility here at Earlwood Furniture to skillfully restore your cherished antique furniture. Whether it be the woodwork, polishing or the leathering - it is all possible.

Please note that all the examples below are shown before polishing to clearly illustrate the repair and restoration work.

Walnut breakfront bookcaseWalnut breakfront bookcase

The old top doors above left were all the customer brought us and we created the complete walnut breakfront bookcase shown right.

Burr walnut table

A new top was made in burr walnut to complete this walnut base.

Mahogany bookcase

This mahogany bookcase had it's missing top re-created along with general repairs.

Linen press and chests

Old linen chest and presses that have been brought to us to be inlaid and crossbanded in more exotic woods to make them more saleable.

Re-veneered desk

This old desk was re-veneered in burr walnut with cross grain moulds ready for polishing. The old leather was kept intact.

Pine chest of drawersPine chest of drawers

An old pine chest of drawers, shown above left, that was veneered in walnut curl ready for polishing. the finished piece is shown above right.

Mahogany cupboard

This mahogany cupboard had it's missing middle doors replaced by us along with general repair work.

Yewwood corner cupboard copy

An exact copy of a yewwood corner cupboard, required to make a pair.

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